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North Bay Companies Emergency Maintenance Policy

North Bay Companies provides 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance staff prepared to respond to emergency calls after normal business hours at 612-310-0456. Although non-emergency issues are important, our maintenance department will respond to these calls on the next business day.

Emergency Issues/Concerns :

  • Any issues that threaten the safety of a resident - call 911 first then call us.
  • Unit without water
  • Major water leaks/broken pipes or flooding
  • Unit without heat (if outside temperature is below 55 degrees)
  • Inoperable toilets if there is only one bathroom **clogs are residents’ responsibility.
  • Broken first floor windows (resident will be billed back for labor/materials if at fault)
  • Electric outages (call Xcel Energy 800-895-1999)
  • Gas leaks (call CenterPoint energy at 888-876-5786)
  • Building/unit fires - call 911 first then call us.

Non-Emergency Issues/Concerns:

  • Lock outs/lost keys - residents are welcome to call a locksmith at their expense.
  • No hot water.
  • Noise complaints - if during quiet hours call non-emergency police.
  • Broken air conditioner or appliances.
  • Pest control insect/rodent issues.
  • Towing/parking issues.
  • Non-safety or life-threatening concerns.
  • Clogged toilet - per lease residents are responsible to fix.
  • Smoke detector low batteries - residents are responsible to fix.
  • Lost/stolen packages - call your carriers.
  • Blown fuses.

If an emergency maintenance call is dispatched for a non-emergency, the charge for the service trip will be billed to the tenant and become the tenant responsibility. Please ensure that your emergency falls under the categories outlined in the Emergency Policy

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